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The Redesigned 2020 LX-21 is now Available!

The LX-21 is setting a standard in flats boat design and performance.  No other boat can match its shallow draft, handling, styling, smooth dry

ride.  She drafts 5 inches, turns on a dime with no sliding and takes the chop unlike any other flats boat.  The deck is the most spacious of any boat in its class with plenty of dry storage.  All this in a boat with a starting of around $45,000!  Take a look at the video and then rush to your nearest dealer to schedule a sea trial.


































New Dealer in Florida!

McDuffies Marine

Tiburon Boats is pleased to announce the addition of McDuffies Marine located in Lake City Florida as the latest addition to our growing dealer network.  McDuffies will be serving the northern Florida area including Lake City, Ocala and the Gainsville area.  Come see the revolutionary Tiburons at there store located at 1866 W US Hwy 90, Lake City, FL 32055.


Tiburon Boats ZX-25


The ZX-25 has once again set new standards in shallow water performance boats.  The 25 is rated to 300HP with top end speeds exceeding 60 MPH while retaining the same shallow water performance of the ZX-22. The hull weighs in around 1400 lbs or about half the weight of the competition!  The 25 has an 8 inch Static Draft, 2" running draft and the same hole shot draft of the ZX-22.  All of this in a luxurious 25 ft boat.  She features built in seating for 7, integrated release well, 2 live wells and the same best-in-class storage that Tiburon owners have been accustomed to.  Contact Gulf Coast Marine or Tiburon Boats and place your order today!




















                     Click on Picture to see BRPs ZX-25 Test





Tiburon Boat Company is a new kind of custom boat manufacturer. The Tiburon has been custom designed from the hull to the console.  We haven't copied the design of another boat or simply made a new mold from an old boat.  Tiburon's patented hull was designed with state-of-the-art technology utilizing computer-aided-design and engineering systems and machined with digitally-guided CNC systems.  With this kind of precision, we can give the fisherman the ultimate fishing machine!  If you want to get shallower than your current bay boat without sacrificing ride and comfort or are just tired of getting beat up in rough water in your current flats boat, the Tiburon is for you.  It is the first true crossover boat.  Unmatched shallow water performance while maintaining a smooth dry ride.  




John Perkins: Jeff, I have ridden in many different bay boats (including Shallow runner, Shallow Sport, Mako and Dargel, to name a few) with very similar results. They can each get shallow but are rough and even painful in mild to light chop. I was skeptical at best to ride on one of your boats. After riding on both the 20' and 22' Tiburon boats, I came away marveling at the smooth ride. The Tiburon's both drafted as shallow as any other boat that I have tested and ran even shallower. I can not just name one impressive attribute of your boat, there are too many. The Tiburon's ran shallow, got up effortlessly and quickly, maneuvered amazingly even at low speeds without skidding in shallow water, ran dry and were very comfortable even in the mild to heavy chop. Thank you again for the time that you took to demonstrate your boat to me. You have truly shown the boating world that making a boat is easy, but making a boat that is comfortable and utilitarian is an art. Sincerely, Jonathan Perkins


Cody Geffert: "The best part of the ZX22: we've seen other boats get stuck trying to go where we have come out. It is the best boat that you could ask for. AND we have looked at and tested many (Haney, Trans, Skat, Carolina, and the list goes on)."



Michael Mclelland " I have operated an 18’ ShoalWater with a 140 Suzuki for a number of years in the Laguna Madre. This bay requires a boat that can function in extreme shallow water. When propped right, my boat is capable of getting up in 6” with four adult men on the boat. The draw back of this boat is that it does not handle rough water well, and its top speed is about 36 mph. The term, drawback, is something we as boat owners are well accustomed to. A flat bottom boat will get up shallow, but you lose speed and comfort in the ride. A V hull boat will give you a better ride, more speed, but you will loose draft and the ability to get up shallow. A Tri-hull design gives you a better ride, some designs give you speed depending on weight, but you will lose draft and the ability to get up shallow. I am sure that is not the most technical way to pose the draw backs but this has been my experience on Dargels, Shallow Sports, Haynies, Parkers, Shallow Stalkers, Shallow Runners, RFLs, and many more. Why can’t we have one boat that allows you to have a smooth ride, maximize speed safely, drift in shallow water, and get up in shallow water? Two years ago, while fishing, I met a man who had a design on his computer that he claimed would do this. Having heard this before, I was skeptical. Last spring, he brought this boat from the computer and into reality. The boat was called the Tiburon. It was over 20’, and sported a 200 Evinrude E-Tec on the back of it. On its maiden voyage, it had 4 grown men on it, and 80 gallons of gas in its fuel tank. My boat had 1 man, and 20 gallons of gas in it. We all left from the Port Mansfield harbor and headed north. In no time, the Tiburon was out of sight. I finally caught up to the boat, after it had stopped and made a couple of drifts in the back of Gladys Hole. It had drifted in front of an area, locally called the drain that I knew to be just below calf deep. The tide was low, and I was skeptical about going over there. However, the Tiburon got up with no effort. I quickly jumped off the tower, and drove over to where the Tiburon had just got up. I shut down in the muddy area that was left from his wash and my boat immediately found the bottom. I stepped over the side to check the depth. My boat will draft in 4” of water, and I had just enough to float. I tilted the motor down, and raised my lift all the way up and began to get the boat up. No dice! My boat dug in and the engine shut off. I started it again, hit the throttle, and leaned as far left as I could. After two full circles, I came back to the center and worked my tilt/trim button and straighten the course of my boat. I was up, but barely. It’s important to note, that looking back at how the Tiburon achieved plane was completely different from mine. I had to pull every trick out of my hat, where all 3 passengers in his boat simply sat down in their designated area. I had to make circles, where he went straight. Mine took a lot of effort, and his took minimal. Jeff, inventor of the Tiburon, was nice enough to slow down and let me join him as we crossed from the west side of the bay to the east side. The Bay was choppy and I had to work my throttle against the waves. His boat broke through the waves and the two men in the front of his boat never felt a thing. I began to see that he had been right. Here was a boat that had speed, could handle rough water, could drift shallow, and could get up shallow. I was fortunate to run a Tiburon in the 2013 TIFT tournament. Unlike the previous two years, I came up short in the overall tournament but still placed in the money. I spent two days putting this boat through Hell, and it never failed me. We traveled 260 miles during that tournament, and burned less than 80 gallons of gas. To reach weigh in we traveled 60 miles across flats that were less than a foot deep, and areas in the bay that were rough and deep. The comfort that this boat offered during those rides has been unparalleled in my experience. This boat had a 250 Yamaha Sho on the back of it. I never went over 4700 RPMs, and this allowed me to cruise at 53mph. Had I needed to push the boat faster, I had close to 2000 more RPMs. For me, 53mph was plenty fast and I was enjoying the ride. There are many boats on the market. Each of them has their benefits, and each of them has their drawbacks. Ultimately the area that you fish in and your budget will dictate what the right boat for you will be. There is not a bay in Texas where the Tiburon will not be able to function to the level that you need. The Tiburon is a boat that each new buyer should put on his list to try out before making that important decision. I hope that you will give them a look and I promise you will not be disappointed." 




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