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We're Tiburon.

And we're a different kind of boat company.


Tiburon Boat Company is one-of-a-kind.  We've actually designed and built a boat company from the ground up in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Back in 2012 the designer, a lifelong aerospace engineer and boat enthusiast, decided to put his years of design experience into doing what he loves most -- boating and fishing.   Seeing how little recreational boat designs had changed over the years, he knew that he could do something to get a better performing boat that even the most discriminating fisherman could enjoy.  That vision culminated into a handmade boat-building project in the garage of his home.  Utilizing the CAD designs he had spent years working though, he painstakingly cut materials and laid fiberglass to build the prototype NX22.  The maiden voyage proved to be everything he had hoped for.  The prototype performed better than he had even envisioned and he knew that he had to bring this boat to market. 


A few years and yards of fiberglass later, the Tiburon 21, 22 and 25 models are being delivered to fishermen with the highest in expectations and standards.  At Tiburon, we're dedicated to building a product that out-performs, out-fishes and outlasts our competition.  Come take a test drive and become part of the Tiburon family!