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At Tiburon, we spent years of design time into making this the perfect boat -- for the fishing enthusiast . . .

                                                            (and their families)!

Skinny, skinny, skinny.


Did we mention that the Tiburon gets into really skinny water?  All Tiburon models have a static draft of 8" or less with a motor and 4 large adults.  Amazingly, they will also 'get up' in 7" of water.  With those same 4 adults, you'll have a running draft of 2" or less.   That means you'll get into places you only dreamed about before.  But unlike other boats this shallow, Tiburon will give you ample seating and gunwales to ensure everyone has a place on deck. AND maintain a smooth and dry ride your used to with a bay boat.  The Tiburon will change the way you fish by getting you to fish no-one else can reach! 


Storage, storage, storage.

Not only will Tiburon take you shallower than ever before, we will also do that with more comfort as well.  When you have a need to put 5 people on your boat, you want to still be able to walk around.  Tiburon's massive amount of storage of over 50 cubic ft and the optional raised platform provide the most organized and worry-free ride.  No other bay boat in its class can offer the same amount of dry storage that Tiburon does.  


One word... Performance.


Did you ever wonder why the folks who want to get into shallow water sometimes put such large motors on their boats?  We did.  So we designed a boat that could get you to your spots just as fast with a smaller, lighter motor.  With a 175 - 200HP motor, the Tiburon 22 will push you over 50 mph!  Sure, you can go with a bigger motor, but when you're going where no one else can go, you'll always be first!